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(Canadian Patent #2,039,435/2,064,178)
(UK Patent #GB2254305)
(US Patent #5,238,125)

  • Free Standing
  • high security
  • one U lock secures both wheels and the frame
  • heavy duty construction

This system provides the maximum security (one U-lock will secure both wheels and the frame) in a minimum amount of space.  The modern design, ease of use and high security make the Maximin X™ ideal for mass year round parking at universities, government establishments, high-tech labs, large corporations, beaches or other major recreation areas.  Once familiar with the system, cyclists prefer to use it because of the security the rack offers.  Each unit is made of 1/4" x 1-1/2"reinforced flat bar steel and 1/2" steel rods, galvanized after fabrication.  Each unit weighs approx. 160 lbs.  Plastic-coated steel pins hold bicycles in position, the only part of the bicycle coming into contact with the metal rack is the tire and there is no restriction on tire width.  These racks hold ten bicycles and can be installed by the purchaser.

The rack has a rotatable locking mechanism together with a support system whereby both wheels of a bicycle, as well as the bicycle frame, are quickly and simply yet securely locked to the supporting stand. A key feature of the rack is the arrangement of steel bars, rods and tubes that, when used in conjunction with popular bicycle U-locks, make theft of a bicycle extremely difficult. Depending on the manner in which a U-lock is attached, a thief must cut through three or more such steel bars, rods and/or tubes before the bicycle can be removed, and even then the U-lock remains engaged on the bicycle to prevent it's use.



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