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  • lean and lock system
  • user friendly
  • access from both sides
  • prevents wheel damage
  • ease of maintenance

Most cyclists "lean and lock" their bicycles to upright objects (trees, fences, parking meters) rather than use a wheel holding rack.  This can cause damage to property, injuries to passers by and unsightly pile-ups.  The Ring Rack™ gives cyclists what they prefer, easy access from either side, year-round use and better locking and stability features.

Because the bicycle is supported by its frame, wheel damage is eliminated.  With some bikes now costing thousands of dollars, this is a very important feature to cyclists.  For bicycles with removable front wheels, both wheels and the bicycle frame can be secured with a single U-lock.

The standard Ring Rack™ comes with 4 rings and holds seven bicycles.  We also make a 2-ring model which holds five bicycles.  If you need a custom built version, we can build a Ring Rack with 3, 5 or 6 rings, which holds 6, 8 or 9 bicycles respectively.

If you would prefer an in-ground version of any model, it can be made available at no additional cost.  The units are fabricated from pre-galvanized steel pipe, 1.9" OD for the frame, and 1.05 OD for the rings.  Baked powder coating (see the black four ring image above, top) is offered at additional cost.

For ease of storage and transportation the Ring Rack™ stacks well, 20 standard 4 ring racks (140 parking spaces) when put together take up an area only 6' x 11'.  They can also be double stacked to further economize on space.  These racks do not collect leaves and garbage, as do many surface mounted racks and the higher profile is more visible, helping to prevent pedestrian accidents.

The racks have four (4) anchoring points and can be installed permanently or be removable to allow for winter storage.  On Asphalt surfaces, concrete curbs can be used to fasten the rack to, and this adds both weight and stability.  This type of fixing also works very well on concrete Interlock surfaces.

This rack is suitable for both short and long term parking.



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